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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our History


What makes us not just upholsterers but fine upholsterers


The reason private clients, interior designers and antique dealers use us is because of our expert knowledge, skills, quality of materials and in-depth understanding.


The trade of upholstery takes a lifetime to learn. It takes a minimal training of 5 years, 5 days a week under the supervision of skilled upholsterers. These precious skills are set in a commercial upholstery workshops. The finest upholsterers learn, in-depth, each and every skill-set and technique to a highest professional level. My career started with months of stripping furniture, sweeping the floor, making tea and coffee, followed by webbing, nailing, more stripping, more coffee, making buttons, learning to sew, learning to cut fabrics, learning to stuff and stitch, finishing work for upholsterers and finally the top cover. Coupled with constant visits with the owner to customers homes, antique shops and private houses; we would discuss the history and study the different styles of furniture. A learning process with the ethos on, ‘if it’s not correct, do it again’ and always approach each task with the purpose of improving on the work previously done. This demanding learning process, teaches honesty, integrity and the ability to produce beautiful work



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